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Staging a return: Venture capital’s AI fuelled rejuvenation

Risk has always been bread and butter for venture capital (VC) managers – the last year has tested this appetite more than ever. This report examines the most pressing challenges facing managers, the resurgence of tech as the dominant source of returns, and strategies to build more secure and better performing portfolios for the

Transformation track: Private equity’s journey to a tech-powered future

Positioned at the intersection between the evolution of the private equity market and compliance pressures, this report – produced by Ontra and Private Equity Wire – explores the ways PE firms are using tech to transform and grow. It examines the state of industry digitisation and the journeys firms are

Embracing the new: Decoding LP’s perspectives on emerging managers

Emerging managers face a range of challenges after launching – GPs must concentrate on performance but also tackle myriad other issues, ranging from technology to compliance and how best to handle and grow their LP base. This SS&C and Private Equity Wire report compares LP and GP perspectives on these themes,

Technological transformation in private markets

From deal sourcing to financing, this report explores the role of advanced technology in evolving private markets, as fund managers and LPs embrace these new tools to prosper in this dynamic environment.


H1 Review: Private equity pivots in a trying economy

Private Equity Wire’s H1 update looks back at the challenges faced through the first two quarters of a turbulent year, examines strategies employed to stay resilient, and looks ahead at the outlook for the second half – including both GP and LP perspectives.


New & Emerging Managers – BCF Report 2023

Whichever way you look at it, fundraising as an emerging manager is high stakes. In this report, Joe Briggs & Andrej Jovicic of Briggs Capital Formation, explore some familiar emerging manager themes, and offer a fresh perspective that taps into the nuances and peculiarities of private capital fundraising.

Spreading out – Private credit's next growth wave cover shot

Spreading out: Private credit’s next growth wave

This private credit special explores a thriving asset class that has defied forecasts of downward credit cycles and slowed momentum. Demand and performance is strong, though managers are facing more competition and higher risk that comes with ballooning transaction volumes. Regulators too are keeping a weather eye on developments.

ESG Insights Report Cover

Expecting more: The evolving demand for ESG and impact investing

Impact investing, a strategy wherein returns have always been under scrutiny, is proving to be particularly resilient amid economic volatility. This Private Equity Wire report checks in on sentiment among investors and fund managers, while exploring the strategies and areas of opportunity that are contributing to a seemingly bright future

Bahamas 2023

Bahamas Report 2023

The Bahamas has focused its efforts to build on its reputation as an innovative international financial centre. This report delves into some of the emerging trends in the Bahamian financial sector including ESG and climate finance as well as the further evolution of the digital assets business.


13 March, 2024 – 6:00 pm

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