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Mind the gap: Private equity prepares of a valuation reset

Mind the gap: Private equity prepares for valuation reset

As valuation multiples cool, private equity managers are holding on tight to traditional value levers in their portfolio companies. This report looks at how bid-ask spreads are adjusting across the M&A market this year, and examines the reality for fund valuations at end-2022 and Q1 2023.

ManCo Report Cover

ManCo Report

This report examines how Management Companies (ManCos) in jurisdictions such as Luxembourg are helping investment managers deal with their increased regulatory and compliance burdens and the growing demand for new structures including semi-opened-ended alternative funds…

Luxembourg in Focus

Luxembourg in Focus 2023

With Luxembourg’s alternative investment fund sector having grown significantly over the past few years – fund numbers have risen from 4,568 in 2018 to 6,932 in 2021 – this report takes a look at how solutions to capture, process and report financial data have supported this growth, and also some

PE Global Outlook 2023 Cover Image

Private Equity Wire Global Outlook 2023

This report examines the outlook for the private equity market in 2023 and how it is shaping up following one of the most volatile years for the asset class in living memory, with a group of well-known industry leaders providing their views on what awaits in the coming year…  

Technology Report 2023 cover

Technology Report 2022

This report outlines the shifting technology needs in the private equity industry and how the rising complexity in private assets is leading to more demands for transparency, information and communication on behalf of LPs. It also highlights the need for speed, as GPs fight for the highest quality assets in

Investor Interest Insight Report Dec 2022

Investor interest: Private equity’s fundraising squeeze

Following macro and liquidity concerns during 2022, what are the investment priorities for institutional private equity investors globally? This Private Equity Wire Insight Report looks at why investors are most positive on long-term allocations, but fundraising looks tight next year, and how fund managers are unlocking new investors in the

Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022

Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022

This report outlines Tokyo’s proposition to both investors and operators looking to expand their business and holdings in Asia. It identifies the steps being made to grow Tokyo as a financial centre, and explores the significant opportunities available in Japan in terms of both raising capital and investing in local

PE Insight Report Credit Due Cover

Credit Due – How buyout funds are bypassing a tighter bank market

With overstretched syndicating banks limiting the amount of debt that is available to buyout sponsors, and the cost of debt rising, this Insight Report examines how deal volumes will be affected by new borrowing conditions, and the new financing levers and forms of leverage available to sponsors. How is fundraising

PE Insight Report First-time fundraising cover

Spinning out: Star managers shake up first-time fundraising

First-time private equity funds have become fewer but – in many cases – much larger. This report looks at how the rules of the fundraising game are changing for spin-out managers. LPs often avoid taking a risk on new managers in a tougher market. Can they still be convinced by

PE Silicon Valley VCs Report cover

Silicon Valley blues: How VCs are adapting to a down market

Late-stage VC has been hit hardest by a reset in valuations, with the number of high-profile examples growing through 2022. This report examines what the trend means for other stages and sectors of the VC lifecycle in the second half of 2022, as well as where the next opportunities lie


24 October, 2024 – 8:30 am

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