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Cathay Capital appoints Executive President

Cathay Capital, a global investment firm supporting companies across stages and markets, has appointed Arthur Yeung as Executive President. 

Yeung will preside over the global management and evolution of the firm, spanning four continents and eight offices, by further exploring innovative business opportunities and models that push the boundaries of traditional investment practices and bring greater value to entrepreneurs, investors, management teams, partners, corporations and all in the Cathay ecosystem.
The appointment comes at a time when Cathay Capital is bolstering its leadership across regions with several promotions across its private equity and venture capital teams including Fabien Wesse and Jacky Abitbol as Managing Partners in Europe, Siqi Chen and Lijun Ding as Partners in China and Alexandre Lazarow as Partner in the US.
Yeung first joined Cathay in February of 2020 to launch Cathay Entrepreneur and the Connect and Consult Platform, both value-adding services centred around hands on executive coaching, networking, accessing unique industry and market insights and ecosystem-wide collaboration. In this new role, Yeung will lead transformation initiatives both inside and outside of the organisation, to fully leverage and up-level the power of Cathay’s global knowledge-sharing platform for mutual benefit and growth.
A global authority on organisational management and business transformation during times of rapid change, Professor Yeung brings 20 years of experience from some of the world’s largest corporations such as Tencent Holdings, Acer Group, Alibaba Group, China Resources Group, TSMC, TCL, Philips and more. As Chief Human Resources Officer, Yeung successfully launched, planned and implemented the transformation and regeneration project for the Acer Group between 2000 and 2002. He has been working with Tencent since 2008, fuelling its momentous transformation into the leading Internet enterprise it is today. While taking on the role of Executive President of Cathay Capital, he continues to serve as Senior Management Advisor of Tencent Holdings.
Yeung has taught at Michigan Business School, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), and is the author of dozens of articles and best-selling business books, including Reinventing the Organization (Harvard Business Review Press, 2019), Building Organizational Capability (China Machinery Publisher, 2009), and DNA of Transformation (China CITIC Press, 2016).
Yeung says: “Amid today’s rapidly changing markets, successful organisations are those that govern with agility and work for those not only within, but outside company walls for greater impact. Cathay Capital is a unique platform, mobilising global resources and earning profound trust of top LPs, with the core mission of Connecting People to Achieve the Extraordinary by interconnecting investors, entrepreneurs, Cathay global talent, and an extended network of venture partners and advisors across industries. Cathay has the makings of a globally leading institutional investor but by continuing to innovate and optimise the knowledge transfer throughout the platform, I’m confident we can energise and bring even greater value to our entire ecosystem.”
Mingpo Cai, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Cathay Capital, says: “Professor Yeung is a world-class leader whose professional prowess is unmatched in the industry in experience, philosophy and vision. We are honoured to have him step into the role of Executive President to enhance Cathay’s corporate infrastructure, digital capabilities, and create unique value in future strategic deployments. At Cathay, we built our global platform under the belief that extraordinary companies are not built in silos and while capital is key, it’s no longer enough. Professor Yeung has already launched new innovative programs that have uplevelled our usefulness as investors, partners, connectors and advisors that will be deepened further by improving collaboration across our global ecosystem, enabling all of us to create a better future together.”

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