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CerebrEX secures investments from INCJ and UMC Capital

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) and Fortune Venture Capital (one of the funds collectively known as UMC Capital) in Taiwan have jointly invested JPY800 million in CerebrEX through a third-party allocation of shares, to develop the technology and business needed for the next-generation semiconductor products.

CerebrEX is a fab-less semiconductor startup founded in 2012 which designs, develops, manufactures and sells IP blocks and display controllers for high-definition and power-hungry mid-sized flat panel displays. With the trend towards higher definition and lower power, there is simultaneously strong demand for higher functionality and narrow bezels in panel displays.
Rapid growth is expected in the display controller market, and in this environment, CerebrEX is designing and manufacturing high-functionality, low-power display controllers with the aim of achieving their early commercialisation and market launch.

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