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Chief Outsiders launches new tool for PE firms to improve growth capabilities for portfolio companies

Chief Outsiders has launched Chief Outsiders GoToMarket Assessment, a comprehensive auditing tool that enables CEOs to quickly identify and implement growth strategies based on timely market opportunities.

“The GoToMarket Assessment is valuable for the private equity sector where investors are seeking results quickly, but may not understand where to start to drive top-line growth. Our ‘instant-on’ CMOs come in, assess a company’s sales and marketing initiatives, and pave a path to implementing solutions,” says Art Saxby, CEO of Chief Outsiders. “Through the extensive insight we’ve gleaned from working with more than 150 CEOs in the past year, we’ve created a tool that exposes problems and inefficiencies, reveals where people and money need to be focused, and provides a constructive way forward.”
Chief Outsiders, which recently earned the No27 spot on Consulting Magazine’s annual list of the profession’s most robust movers and shakers, offers part- and full-time temporary CMOs to mid-market companies. The quick “get in and get out” expertise offered by Chief Outsiders is a natural fit for the fast ROIs portfolio companies face.
“We help companies that may already be successful, but have growth that’s stalled. The clock is always ticking, and without a meaningful assessment that leads to an effective plan, resources are wasted,” says Saxby. “The explosive growth of Chief Outsiders in the past year has largely been the result of our work within the private equity sector. Clearly, the idea of quickly tapping executive talent to address portfolio company growth gaps is catching on.”

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