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CME Group and the Mexican Derivatives Exchange launch North-to-South order routing agreement

CME Group and the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) have launched a north-to-south order routing agreement, giving customers in the US access to MexDer’s benchmark derivatives contracts, including Mexican Stock Exchange Index Futures, Bond Futures and MXN Peso/US Dollar Futures Contracts.

The first phase of the project, CME Group strategic partnership with MexDer went live April 4, 2011 and gave Mexican investors access to CME Group’s benchmark derivatives contracts including interest rates, foreign currencies, equity indexes, energy, metals and agricultural commodities.

“Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world and we continue to look for opportunities to provide our customers around the world with the broadest and most diverse range of globally-relevant products to help them manage their risk,” said Phupinder Gill (pictured), CME Group President. “This next phase of the partnership demonstrates how we continue to build on our successful track record of growing our business internationally through strategic partnerships.”

“With the successful launch of South-to-North order routing in April, the second phase of the direct order routing connection now makes it possible for both of our customers to leverage access to both MexDer and CME Group, and take advantage of a modern market with a friendly regulatory framework in Mexico and a growing sophisticated local investor base,” says Luis Téllez, Chairman and CEO of BMV Group. “Our goal moving forward is to focus on increasing our volumes together and working more closely with each other to learn how we can meet the needs of our customers.” 

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