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CoachClub raises EUR5 million

CoachClub, the first video sports and well-being coaching service, has now raised EUR5 Million with Innovacom and Serena Capital. The aim of raising funds is firstly to speed up the conquest of new members, and secondly to deploy the CoachClub service outside France as well.

CoachClub’s mission is to help its members (exercise regularly) by creating a personalised sports program which can be upgraded according to the progress they make. The service was launched a year ago, and has already attracted 100,000 members.
CoachClub enables its members to keep fit at all times, at their own pace, when they decide. The service is not just available on Over twenty partnerships have already been signed, making the service accessible not only on the Web and on TV via a number of "co-branded" sites (France Television, Plurielles, Régime Dukan, Insudiet, LeDiet, 3 Suisses, TopSanté, etc.) but also through the creation of theme TV services.
With CoachClubTV, sports coaching has reached the small screen as a customizable program or as Video On Demand sessions, available also on Freebox’s Channel 108. Connected TV is in the running as well, as CoachClub has also signed agreements with top manufacturers in the sector like Philips, Sharp and Loewe.

The company will be actively pursuing the deployment of different access methods for the service (TV, Web, Smartphone, Console, etc.) to ensure that it is widely available.
"At a time when the number of members has have passed the 100,000 mark, the confidence of our partners, and of top-ranking investors like Innovacom and Serena Capital, confirms how right we were to create and develop this new way of practicing physical and sport activities. Using the funds raised, CoachClub will consolidate its presence in France with considerable investments in marketing. Subsequently, we intend to develop on an international scale, particularly in the English-speaking markets: the UK and the United States, where we are planning to launch our services in early 2012”, says Thierry Pépin, Chairman, CEO and founder of CoachClub.

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