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Commonwealth Capital launches VC fund for start-ups and early-stage companies

Commonwealth Capital has launched the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I to provide investment capital exclusively for start-ups and early-stage companies.

The company also launched a new microsite at to assist capital seekers. Entrepreneurs can sign up now and be matched with a no-cost, personal “funding concierge” who guides them through a standardised process for fund eligibility.
Users first engage in an online "proof of concept" stage to gain community support for their project, product or service. They then create a marketable deal structure for investors and an operating plan to attract a well-connected management team. After completing these stages, users potentially qualify for an investment from the new fund.
"Our goal is to give start-ups a better alternative to traditional venture capital. Our unique combination of a standardised process, no-cost personal funding concierge, and direct investment for those who qualify gives founders a clearer path to build and fund their businesses the right way, the first time," says Timothy Daniel Hogan, CEO of Commonwealth Capital.

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