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Credit Suisse: Best Fundraising Firm – Fund of Funds

Fabian Shey, Head of Private & Alternative Markets for Products & Financing

We are incredibly pleased to win “Best Fundraising – Fund of Funds” for our “Credit Suisse Climate Innovation Fund” in recognition of our efforts in the private equity space, particularly to receive this award for a first-time, mission-driven impact strategy. Being able to raise over USD300 million to enable positive climate impact is a strong indicator of the importance of this topic to our client base. The exceptional response has exceeded our expectations when conceptualising an Impact Venture Fund of Funds. We continue to build the community around the fund, with ongoing engagement and reporting on the positive change and impact the investments achieve, and will continue to find innovative solutions for our clients.

Company info
Founded in 1856, Credit Suisse is a leading global wealth manager with strong investment banking capabilities. Credit Suisse’s Private & Alternative Markets – Private Equity is a one-stop-shop for private equity solutions, offering private banking clients feeder products, as well as co-investments and discretionary solutions. Our focus has been to create access to the very best private equity funds, globally and across the different strategies. We do this by rigorously benchmarking each fund against its peers, and by doing a deep and thorough due diligence on the chosen few. Our clients benefit from our integrated approach which includes the origination of funds and co-investment opportunities, the structuring of the appropriate access vehicles, the proper delivery of sales & investor relations services, as well as the all-important life cycle management service which provides convenience to our investors in the daily handling of the underlying fund activities.

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