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Disruptive Capital’s ECO Plastics raises GBP24m to drive expansion

ECO Plastics (ECO), a leading European plastic bottle recycler backed by Disruptive Capital and SAM Private Equity, has raised GBP24m from Ludgate Environmental Fund Limited and Close Brothers to fund its expansion.


The financing will allow ECO to double its production of food-grade recycled material (rPET) for soft drinks bottles, increasing overall processing capacity from 100,000 tonnes to 140,000 tonnes of plastic bottles per year – equivalent to 420,000 bottles per hour or 2.8 billion bottles per year. This represents just under half of the total plastic bottle recycling in the UK last year.

Alongside a joint venture valued at GBP200m signed in March with Coca Cola Enterprises, the new facilities will enable ECO to continue its ongoing transformation of the market for rPET in the UK.

Cédriane de Boucaud, Partner, Disruptive Capital, says: “The ECO Plastics team, with a leading history in plastics trading, came to us in 2007 with an ambitious plan to turn a large proportion of the UK’s old plastic bottles into new ones – keeping old bottles out of landfills. By backing their vision with heavy investment in technology, alongside SAM Private Equity, introducing them to Coca Cola Enterprises, – one of the largest users of plastic bottles in the UK – and giving them strategic support, the company is now Europe’s most sophisticated PET recycler.

“This further expansion is validation of their technical and commercial leadership in a rapidly growing market, and proof that – with the right combination of operational, financial and strategic support – it is possible to transform markets. We are very proud of the team, and look forward to demonstrating that recycling is an attractive business model.”

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