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Drawbridge Partners expands cybersecurity offering

Drawbridge Partners, a cybersecurity software and services firm specialsing in the needs of hedge fund and private equity managers, has launched DrawbridgeConnect-R, a Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) platform. 

DrawbridgeConnect-R continuously analyses a firm’s vulnerabilities – rather than providing a mere point in time vulnerability assessment – and helps firms identify, prioritise and remediate organizational cybersecurity weaknesses that leave data at risk. Complementing Drawbridge Partners’ existing services offering, DrawbridgeConnect-R enables firms with limited in-house cybersecurity resources to manage both external and internal vulnerabilities associated with client networks.
With DrawbridgeConnect-R, companies are equipped with:
• Vulnerability Scanning: Ongoing scanning on the user’s internal and external network aggregates data highlighting critical components including but not limited to missing patches, configuration mistakes, OS and software vulnerabilities and weak password and/or default credentials

• Remediation:  Comprehensive data and reporting that showcases all vulnerabilities on the external and internal network, along with remediation guidance. Drawbridge works directly with the internal IT team or the Managed Service Provider to ensure reporting, advisory, and action items are clear and actionable

• Reporting: A comprehensive user interface for cybersecurity program and vulnerability management that allows users to view and manage data, and track and access reporting. Formal monthly reports can be shared internally and externally as required to drive the vulnerability management program
“A single vulnerability exploited by an attacker can prove disastrous for any company. Yet today’s widening skills gap and growing threat of cyber attacks means keeping pace with ongoing vulnerabilities can be a serious challenge for internal security teams. Our expert team is committed to helping firms defend against and address today’s dynamic cyber threats and so we’re proud to introduce DrawbridgeConnect-R to give what are already strained internal security teams the platform they need to keep their networks vulnerability-free and secure,” says Viktor Tadijanovic, Chief Technology Officer at Drawbridge.

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