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Edhec-Risk re-brands risk and asset management research centre

Edhec-Risk Institute, a centre for asset and risk management research, is changing the official name for the holding entity governing its entire range of activities to Edhec-Risk Institute.

Formerly called the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre, Edhec-Risk Institute was set up in 2001 to conduct academic research and highlight its applications to the industry.

The institute seeks to validate the academic quality of its research through publications in scholarly journals, implements a multifaceted communications policy to inform investors and asset managers on concepts and techniques, and develops business partnerships to launch products.

Professor Noël Amenc (pictured), director of Edhec-Risk Institute, says: “Over the past nine years, the brand name Edhec-Risk has become synonymous with state-of-the-art financial research applied to asset management.

“We felt that this widely-recognised brand name should be shared across the whole range of our activities that benefit from the involvement of the Edhec-Risk research team, whether educational activities (the Edhec-Risk Institute PhD in Finance, the Edhec-Risk Institute Executive MSc in Risk and Investment Management and the joint CFA Institute/ Edhec-Risk Institute Advances in Asset Allocation Seminars); research publications and debates with the industry (Edhec-Risk Institute Position Papers and Publications); conferences (the Edhec-Risk Alternative Investment Days and the Edhec-Risk Institutional Days); or products and services (Edhec-Risk Indexes).”

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