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EQT Mid Market acquires FocusVision

The EQT Mid Market Investment Strategy (EQT Mid Market) is to partner with management to acquire FocusVision, a provider of highly secure live video transmissions of qualitative research.

Founded in 1990, FocusVision has expanded its offering to become a complete end-to-end technology solutions and services provider. The offering includes end-to-end quantitative survey platforms, focus group and online interview streaming, reporting, project management and more. FocusVision is headquartered in Connecticut and has offices in California, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria and Singapore.
EQT Mid Market will support the continued growth of FocusVision both domestically and internationally, through investing in the salesforce, new product innovation, acquisitive growth and platform integration.
Matthew Levine, Partner at EQT Partners Inc. says: “This is an industry which is enjoying strong underlying growth dynamics. FocusVision is a company that is growing, innovating and on the leading edge of its industry. The FocusVision team has proven its success in presenting unique quantitative and qualitative integrated offerings into the global market research space. We are excited to work together as we grow the company.”
“We’re looking forward to continuing to pursue our mission of providing an end-to-end, one-stop market research technology solution for our clients around the world,” says Eric Grosgogeat, President and CEO of FocusVision. “EQT is the perfect partner for us, as they will be working with our management team to strengthen our investment in both research and development and our global sales force. This is an exciting time for FocusVision, our employees and our clients as we move into building a positive future for our industry.”

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