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Equipped AI: Most Innovative Technology

Douglas A Trafelet, Director of Business Development

Congratulations to the other nominees: Maestro, Accelex and Lemon Edge. Thank you Private Equity Wire and the voters for recognising Equipped AI as the winner in the category: Most Innovative Technology.

Equipped has been developing its data management and software capabilities for nearly five years as an in-house team within AnaCap Financial Partners and it is a great honor to accept this award after less than a year as an independent company.

We believe that digital transformation will be a core operational focus for alternative investors in the coming years and that Equipped is well positioned to help funds turn that challenge into an opportunity.

Company info
Equipped AI is a global analytical intelligence and software company that works with leading private equity, private credit and real estate investors. We combine data science and technology to provide actionable insights into our clients’ portfolios. Our state-of-the-art SaaS intelligence platform, Minerva, enables investors to collect, compile, analyse and better understand data to help them make important decisions and ultimately produce superior returns.


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