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Eurazeo NAV rises to EUR57.2 per share in Q3

Eurazeo’s net asset value stood at EUR57.2 per share at 30 September 2009, compared to EUR47.8 per share at 30 June 2009.

Eurazeo is the majority or leading shareholder in Accor, ANF, APCOA, B&B Hotels, Elis, Europcar and Rexel. Eurazeo is also the main shareholder of Danone.

Consolidated revenues for the third quarter were EUR1,062.6m, compared with EUR981.3m in the second quarter and EUR1,131m in the third quarter of 2009.

Excluding Europcar, consolidated revenues of the private equity business increased two per cent on a comparable basis. Total private equity revenues were EUR1,052.4m, a decrease of 4.4 per cent on a comparable basis (-6.1 per cent during the first half). The other consolidated companies continued to show good resistance in an economic environment which remained difficult.

The real estate business increased 5.4 per cent to EUR8.2m, reflecting the effect of continued increases in ANF rents.

As of 10 November, Eurazeo had cash assets of EUR608.7m including collateral, and EUR157.9m of value net of debt on Danone shares, excluding exchangeable bonds, and EUR109.9m available subject to call from Eurazeo Partners.

Eurazeo may also use its syndicated credit line of EUR1bn, unused to date, and available in totality until mid-2012 and for up to EUR875m until mid-2013.

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