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Exhilway’s trading platform Link attracts 20,000 accredited investors

Exhilway, a US-based private equity fund which recently launched Link, an alternative trading platform for emerging businesses worldwide, has seen registrations from over 20,000 accredited investors around the world.

Link will connect accredited investors with emerging businesses looking out for small- to mid-sized funding. The transaction size will typically range from a few dollars to multimillion-dollar requirements.
"Businesses worldwide are facing a funding crunch; the knowledge of promoters in their business domain may be vast but it is all useless if they do not have money to implement it and transform their ideas into a well carved finished product. The PE fund does not invest immediately in a company – it may take many months before the deal is closed – and nor is it the PE's wish to share the majority of the risks. At Link when the risk per investor is lower, there are higher chances of raising investment in a jiffy," says Lori Britt, a Santa Fe, US-based emerging entrepreneur seeking funding for her healthcare business.
Link is designed to safeguard the interest of the investors. Link provides complete capital protection and return assurance to the investor when he invests in an Exhilway-verified business. Link will manage and provide all required documentation to the investor. The service is free for investors and companies; however, a company looking to receive "verified" business status from Exhilway has to pay a minimum monthly cost.
Newman Asset, the world's first crowd-funding rating and valuation agency, has bagged an order for evaluating over 6,000 companies.
Exhilway, which will hit the market next month with its USD1bn private equity fund called Exhilway Global Opportunities Fund, will invite investors to invest small amounts in their own PE-backed companies.
"We wish to make our investors safe and sound – finding better opportunities out of the many available is our immediate goal," says Gloria Ward, president of Exhilway Link.

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