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Foresight’s OEIC platform exceeds GBP1 billion of funds under management

Foresight Group (Foresight), a listed infrastructure asset and private equity investment manager specialising in ESG-oriented strategies, saw the NAV of its three OEICs, FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund (FIIF), FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) and FP Foresight Sustainable Real Estate Securities Fund (REF), break through GBP1 billion in January 2021.

FIIF, launched in December 2017 which targets an annual income of 5 per cent through the active management of UK-listed renewable energy and infrastructure investment companies, recently celebrated its third anniversary, having delivered strong performance of 29.76 per cent since launch (FTSE All share 0.98 per cent) and exceeded its income target every year, placing it in the top quartile of equity infrastructure funds.  FIIF Fund manager, Mark Brennan, was recently awarded an A-rating by Citywire.
GRIF, launched in June 2019, which targets an annual return of CPI+3 per cent over any 5 year period, was recently ranked No1 performing fund amongst equity infrastructure funds, having returned 48.43 per cent since launch.  GRIF Fund manager, Nick Scullion was recently named the No1 fund manager amongst 40 equity infrastructure fund managers by Citywire.
REF, launched in July 2020, which targets a 4 per cent income yield from a portfolio of listed highly liquid Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), has already achieved significant momentum having raised GBP20.7 million since launch.
Mark Brennan, Head of Investments, Foresight Capital Management, says: “The appeal of our OEICs and the rate of growth in funds under management are a clear validation of our infrastructure and renewables-focused strategy. We find investors and their advisers increasingly appreciating the uncorrelated characteristics and low volatility shown by the performance of our funds.

Nick Scullion, Head of Foresight Capital Management, adds: “As global economies emerge from the grip of the pandemic, the opportunities for infrastructure investment have rarely looked more compelling. Government policies around the world are increasingly backing progress towards Net Zero as well as delivering enhanced social and economic infrastructure, and investor demand for sustainable investments and ESG-strategies is likely to drive further growth.”

Bernard Fairman, Executive Chairman of Foresight Group, adds: “It is a credit to the hard work of Mark, Nick and the entire Foresight Capital Management team that demand for our infrastructure-focused OEIC strategies continues to grow. Making the infrastructure sector accessible to private investors was always a core objective of Foresight Capital Management and it is good to see that objective resonating with advisers and their clients.” 

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