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Four Seasons Health Care and H/2 Capital Partners agree to debt standstill

Four Seasons Health Care (Four Seasons) and H/2 Capital Partners (H/2) have executed a standstill agreement in relation to Four Seasons’ December interest payments, which the Company shall not make in order to maintain appropriate liquidity for its operations. 

This standstill ensures continuity of care for Four Seasons’ residents, and enhances operational stability for employees and all stakeholders.
Four Seasons, H/2 and their respective advisers will now utilise the standstill period to facilitate an orderly transition and seek agreement on implementation terms for a restructuring on behalf of creditors.  The primary objective of a restructuring plan is to create a sustainable, long-term capital structure that best serves residents, patients and employees.
Having agreed the standstill, Four Seasons intends to next week present an interest deferral proposal to all holders of its Senior Secured Notes and Senior Notes. The interest deferral is subject to approval by 90 per cent of both the Senior Secured Notes and the Senior Notes, respectively, and is conducted via a consent solicitation of its creditors by Four Seasons.  Investment funds affiliated with H/2 own less than 75 per cent of the Senior Secured Notes and over 75 per cent of the Senior Notes.
Among the key provisions, the standstill includes several required milestones to be met on or before specific dates during the restructuring process. These milestones include long-stop dates for agreement on a restructuring plan by 7 February 2018 and approval of the restructuring by 2 April 2018. Should it be agreed, Four Seasons would then present the restructuring plan to all holders of Senior Secured Notes and Senior Notes. The parties currently expect that the restructuring plan would be subject to approval by 75 per cent of both the Senior Secured Notes and the Senior Notes, respectively.
Robbie Barr, Chairman of Four Seasons, says: “We are very pleased to have reached a standstill agreement with H/2; the Board and I look forward to working closely with H/2 and their advisers on delivering a restructuring that will provide the right capital structure for the Company’s long-term needs. The standstill gives a period of stability for the Company and its stakeholders but most importantly for our residents, patients, their families and our employees.”
Spencer Haber, Chairman of H/2 Capital Partners, says: “We are pleased to have agreed the standstill which will help ensure continuity of care and stability for the residents and employees of Four Seasons. The standstill is the first step toward a successful restructuring to secure the long-term future of this vitally important care provider.” 

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