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GCV exits Intelligence Fusion investment through sale to Sigma7

Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) and its private investor network have successfully exited an investment in threat intelligence platform Intelligence Fusion after the company y was acquired by Sigma7, providing a profitable return for all investors.

GCV, based in North East England, has supported the Intelligence Fusion team, headquartered in Durham, since inception in 2015 on both an investment and technology basis.
Through GCV Labs, the company’s venture builder division, GCV worked closely with founder Michael McCabe on the concept from idea stage through to the launch of the core threat intelligence platform. GCV Labs provided a full-service software development solution combined with lean start up methodology to develop and test the product and business model before raising capital to scale up.
Sigma7, a US-based corporation with a global presence and client base, is creating the first independent and all-domain risk services platform, acquiring the highest quality risk services businesses, technologies and talent in each specialised domain. Intelligence Fusion is seen as a key component of Sigma7’s strategy.
The acquisition will allow Intelligence Fusion’s leadership team to immediately and continuously scale their capabilities, with Sigma7 investing in the expansion of Intelligence Fusion’s team and resources in Durham whilst expanding their operations into the United States and elsewhere.

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