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Hawksmoor Partners establishes presence in Estonia

Hawksmoor Partners, the London-based specialist in structuring and project management solutions for asset managers and fast-growing companies, has established its first overseas presence in Estonia to work with new clients in the technology sector in the Baltic region and Finland.

Founded in 2013, Hawksmoor Partners has specialised in the provision of support services for small and innovative businesses that are seeking to aggressively disrupt the markets they enter. This has included asset management, agriculture, logistics, envirotech, social media and alternative lending businesses, among many others.
Stuart Fieldhouse, director of Hawksmoor Partners, says: “Despite the Brexit vote, small companies and investment managers from across Europe still see London as a hub for professional expertise and ready access to capital. While we have successfully served our clients from our base here in the UK, we also recognise the importance of having a permanent presence in those countries where we see a rich pipeline of innovative talent coming to the market.”
Estonia and Finland between them have been major contributors to the flow of successful start-up technology companies over the past few years. Many smaller companies in both countries have the ambition and the potential to take themselves global quickly, but lack the expertise and the resources to do so. By having a local presence in Estonia, Hawksmoor will be able to cover this fast-growing market all day, every day.
“We felt it was essential to have a local presence in Tallinn, with personnel who can meet with our clients on their doorstep, when it is convenient for them,” adds Fieldhouse. “At the same time, this allows us to match our own in-house expertise with marketing and structuring to those businesses in the region which need it the most.”

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