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Healthcare executives launch healthcare consulting and private equity firm

Healthcare and financial services executives Jonathan Doctor, Glenn Golenberg and Sherwin Voss have formed DeNovo Health Partners to help healthcare services organisations and medical groups address the myriad of changes and regulations begin imposed on the industry.

DeNovo Health Partners can provide support for practice management, implementing electronic health record technology, ACO contracting, compensation, preparing for bundled payment reimbursement, or other business process improvement needs.

Additionally, if there is a need for capital, an add on acquisition or joint venture, DeNovo has the experience to source capital, structure transactions and other growth strategies.

“At no other time in our history, has the delivery of healthcare become so complicated and burdensome for healthcare providers and healthcare services firms,” says Doctor. “We have brought together some of the industry’s finest healthcare service administration experts and specialists, each well regarded for their area of expertise. Our consulting services offering will provide a comprehensive, efficient resource for healthcare services firms and medical groups who are fighting decreasing reimbursement and increasing overhead under a complex veil of regulations, and will free management to focus on executing its business plan unencumbered by these paralysing changes.”

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