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HYPE Capital invests in Tokabot

HYPE Capital has invested in Israeli startup, Tokabot, an intelligent fan engagement and monetisation platform for sports and entertainment.

Tokabet clients include betting giant BWIN, German football clubs and the German Football Association (DFB).

HYPE Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund, has today announced its the lead investor in Tokabot. The Fund is actively looking to leverage their unique access to hundreds of sports startups worldwide to make early stage investments. BILD, a fellow investor in Tokabot, is Germany’s leading digital media brand with a strong sports footprint. BILD belongs to Axel Springer, a media and technology company based in Berlin with more than 16,300 employees worldwide. 

“We are always looking towards the next generation of sports startups and disruptive technologies,” saysUli Becker, Chairman of HYPE Capital Fund. “We believe Tokabot offers a new, scalable experience for sports fans, and that is very exciting for us. We believe the market is ready for their innovations.”

Tokabot is an engagement platform for fans in the sports and entertainment domain with their first successful project being a partnership with betting giant BWIN at the 2018 World Cup. 

Ilan Leizgold, Tokabot co-founder, says: “We have enjoyed working with HYPE and appreciate the invaluable guidance they provide as we look to scale and find new markets. Their latest investment in Tokabot will be used to expand our technological capacity and discover new audiences.” 

“Once we reach our funding target, we will support the next unicorns of sports innovation, aiming to capitalize on emerging technology,” says Uli Becker. “We already have vast experience promoting startups in our ecosystem, with forty percent of firms in the London accelerator raising money through our program.”

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