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iCapital Network expands online platform for accredited investors

iCapital Network has expanded its platform to offer investment opportunities and support to accredited investors.

As part of the roll-out, iCapital has enhanced the functionality of its technology platform to allow for the onboarding and servicing of accredited investors — in addition to its offerings for qualified purchasers — with the platform featuring alternative investment products specifically tailored for each investor base.
The accredited investor market, which is estimated to be 10 times the size of the qualified purchaser market, has a burgeoning appetite for alternative investments and the important role they play in diversifying a portfolio. The large and growing high-net-worth market is also a critical source of capital for alternative asset managers.
iCapital introduced its online platform over two years ago and as of 31 March, services more than USD2 billion in assets for approximately 3,000 investors across more than 40 private offerings. Its member network is comprised of approximately 1,500 qualified investors and advisory professionals who collectively oversee more than USD1.7 trillion in investable assets.
This enhancement unlocks the opportunity for the broader high-net-worth market to access a curated selection of alternative investments on the iCapital platform, which includes private equity, private credit, venture capital, real estate and a diverse selection of hedge funds. iCapital also provides extensive due diligence and educational support for the affluent investor and financial adviser communities.  
"We recognise the growing appetite from a widening set of investors for alternative investments, and this expansion marks our commitment to providing individual investors with the tools they need to thoughtfully construct diversified, institutional-quality portfolios," says Lawrence Calcano (pictured), chief executive officer of iCapital Network.
"Extending our offering to accredited investors is another important milestone as we continue to augment our capabilities and give the high-net-worth community the access and choice they are seeking," says Eileen Duff, managing partner and head of distribution for iCapital.  
iCapital's internal due diligence team will apply the same process used to curate the platform's qualified purchaser offerings as it builds out a suite of products available to accredited investors.
"Since iCapital's inception, our focus has been the democratisation of institutional-quality alternative investments. We look forward to continuing our conversations with the general partner community on an expanded range of alternative products as we develop our accredited offerings, while retaining the high standards we have set for the platform to date," says Nick Veronis, iCapital co-founder, managing partner and head of origination and due diligence.

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