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Idinvest Partners launches third SME senior debt fund

Private equity firm Idinvest Partners has launched its third SME senior debt fund, Idinvest Dette Senior III (IDS III). The fund aims to raise EUR500 million.

With this new fund, Idinvest Partners is strengthening its private debt activities, where it now has more than EUR1.3 billion of assets under management. In 2014, Idinvest raised EUR395 million through its IDS II fund, of which 60% has now been invested. The first IDS fund, launched in 2013, had raised EUR281 million.

Commenting on this launch, Eric Gallerne, Partner, says: “The Idinvest Dette Senior III fund will invest in the acquisition debt instruments of non-listed European companies with solid fundamentals, that are not “distressed”, and that exhibit moderate leverage and a robust business model. The underlying instruments will therefore be non-rated senior loans or bonds.”

François Lacoste, Partner, adds: “The Idinvest Dette Senior III fund is eligible to the French FPE category “(Fonds de Prêts à l’Economie)”. The objective of these funds is to finance loans dedicated to the real economy”.

Typical investment targets for the fund will be SMEs with already strong positions in their domestic markets and some current international expansion, who want to anchor those positions and diversify their markets through a purposeful external growth strategy. Those are winning choices in the current European context of weak economic growth. Helping these SMEs to become “second tier” European companies involves providing them with capital.   

Idinvest Partners Chairman Christophe Bavièrem says: “The first funds provided financing for some real made‑in‑Europe success stories, such as Materne’s expansion to the US market or Arena’s international development. I am confident that Idinvest Dette Senior III will deliver a lot more of the same.”

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