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Invast Global CEO Gavin White named Global Head of Strategic Relationships at Invast Securities

Gavin White, Chief Executive Officer of Invast Global, has been promoted to Global Head of Strategic Relationships for the Invast Group.

Invast Global provides multi-asset prime services, liquidity and execution services to hedge funds, asset managers, brokerages and HFT firms globally. Since White took over as CEO of Invast Global in 2014, the company has gained acclaim across the industry, including numerous awards and testimonials.

President and CEO of Invast Securities, Takeshi Kawaji, is enthusiastic in his support for the Invast Global team. 

“Gavin, Jon Leung (COO), James Alexander (CCO) and Nicholas Briscoe have built a team and infrastructure which is the envy of the industry,” says Kawaji. “The Board of Invast Securities Co and I are proud of what they have been able to achieve. We look forward to continuing to support their ambitions. The appointment of Gavin to the Board of Invast Securities Co., Ltd – and now his appointment as Head of Strategic Relationships for the parent company, is a huge endorsement for Gavin and his team.”

According to Kawaji, the role White has taken on involves leading the negotiations for all strategic relationships across the group globally, including Prime Brokers, Technology Vendors, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions and Partnerships.

White credits his team for the success Invast Global has achieved. 

“We have a highly-skilled, focused and determined team at Invast Global,” he says. “We have built a global firm which is squarely aimed at moving into businesses that global banks are being forced to withdraw from due to tightened bank-centric regulations. There is huge and growing demand for bank-alternatives in the prime services space. We are working very hard to fulfil this demand. I look forward to adding value in my new role to ensure our business remains highly competitive and sustainable.”

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