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Investment fund formed to develop global entertainment projects

Infiniti Capital will be working with Chengdu-based Green Leaf Film Studios and five-time Oscar winner Richard Taylor to raise USD200m to USD400m in a new fund called Panda Screen Productions.

The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of film, television and related special projects with strong merchandising and ancillary revenue potential.

“We have all been excited by the opportunities and capabilities we have seen in China and have decided to bring together the combined benefits of top industry talent and production savings in a focused offering,” says Kenji Steven, chairman of Infiniti Capital.

Infiniti Capital’s Hong Kong subsidiary, Infiniti Advantage, will manage the fund.

Taylor says: “China and New Zealand are continuing to develop their local film industries and both countries provide attractive financial incentives and taxation relief. We are eager to build upon the long-standing friendship and unique commercial relationships driven by the two countries’ free trade agreement signed in 2008. New Zealand is internationally renowned for its film-making capabilities and China is the fastest growing and most dynamic economy in the world – so we expect the combination to be very appealing to investors.”

Tailored films and television productions co-produced by Green Leaf Film Studios will be developed with the aim of accessing the rapidly growing Chinese domestic market, which only allows the release of approximately 45 foreign films a year.

The team is in discussions with entertainment industry experts, including directors, script writers, authors and legal advisers, to support the project.

Milestone Capital, a New Zealand-based private investment group, is the arranger of Panda Screen Productions.

The new fund is the second originated by Milestone Capital this year. It launched the Rutherford Innovation Fund in October, spearheading engagement between New Zealand and China for leading New Zealand innovation.

Infiniti Capital is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Christchurch, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. It has historically specialised in emerging manager hedge fund of funds mandates, alongside offering bespoke solutions for institutional clients.

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