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INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund launches first annual ESG report

INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, a private equity investment fund located in the Baltic region, has implemented new internal ESG procedures, following a recognition by the Fund‘s management team of the need to refine the procedures already in place to facilitate the practical implementation of an ever-evolving and improving ESG approach over time.

As part of this core initiative, several proprietary toolkits that cover both pre-investment assessment as well as post-investment monitoring stages have been developed. In addition, the Fund established the set-up of individual ESG key performance indicators (KPIs) as an essential part of value creation monitoring to all portfolio companies.

The fund‘s ESG progress will be publicly shared moving forward through annual ESG reporting, consisting of the Fund‘s ESG Index and portfolio companies’ ESG KPIs as well as the highlights of a selection of implemented ESG initiatives.

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