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Jobs in ETFs closes seed funding round

Jobs in ETFs, the world’s first ETF Career Platform and Specialised Recruitment Provider for the ETF Industry, has completed a major funding round from veteran investors Cheah Cheng Hye and Jay Pelosky.  

The founder, Claud Mitrache, has retained majority interest in Jobs in ETFs and is working to build up its team and online platform to keep up with strong hiring demand from the ETF industry. This is the first outside fundraising by Jobs in ETFs, which commenced operations in 2017 with just founder’s money.
As the Global ETF market continues to accumulate assets at 20 per cent CAGR over the past decade, few have turned their attention to the talent pool that is actually helping fuel this growth. A closer look at the industry’s labour market reveals that human capital is actually lacking. “We’re bullish on the ETF industry’s growth trajectory, and this shortage of specialised talent represents an opportunity for a career platform and a recruitment provider such as Jobs in ETFs to help link employers with candidates,” says Pelosky, Co-Founder & CIO of TPW Investment Management.
“This is a candidate-driven market and hiring managers are competing for the top talent, especially in ETF sales and distribution, where a combination of nuanced language and technical skills are necessary,” says Claud Mitrache, founder and CEO of Jobs in ETFs. More than ever before, it’s become imperative for employers to market their company culture, prestige within the industry, and employee perks. The plan is to expand the pool of qualified talent by working with universities to create ETF-centric education programs aimed at filling relevant knowledge and skills gaps seen in the industry today. Recent funding and the regional strengths of the investors will allow the company to achieve this across key markets globally.
A survey conducted by Jobs in ETFs in 2018 showed that 88 per cent of hiring managers prefer to source talent whose background is in the ETF ecosystem, while only 12 per cent said that industry experience was not essential, affirming just how sought after having a set of specialised ETF skills really is.
This talent shortage has been prevalent across North America and European markets as they have largely accounted for the initial wave of the industry’s expansion. More recently however, the labour gap has intensified on the global scale due to accelerating growth from the Asia Pacific ex-Japan (APAC) region. “With more than 14 new ETF issuers joining the APAC market in 2018 alone, there is a tremendous potential for someone like Jobs in ETFs to step up to educate candidates for the region’s budding industry and helping to match them to more and more specialised positions,” adds ETF expert Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner & Founder of ETFGI.

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