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JTC inks power generator contract with oil and gas sector service company

JTC, a Kuwait-based logistics and equipment rental company, has signed a contract to provide Power Generation to a service company in the oil and gas sector for their operations at Kuwait’s oilfields.

This contract marks the beginning of what will be a long strategic relationship between the two companies. The contract involves a sale and lease-back arrangement under which JTC has acquired Generators from the service company and in turn, leases back including best-in-class maintenance and service support. The approach enables both parties to focus on their core competencies and ensure smooth and effective continuity of operations.

Through effective maintenance JTC has already dramatically reduced the down time of the equipment in the oilfield resulting in improved efficiency and substantial cost saving for the service company.

JTC has invested more than USD35 million into developing its power rental solutions and today offers state of the art generators that are fitted with modern and advanced components to provide comprehensive, safe and effective power solutions to satisfy the needs of the Oil & Gas and Construction sectors. JTC has the capability to provide large power packages to meet demand for multi-megawatt requirements of projects throughout the Middle East.

James Elliot, JTC’s General Manager of Equipment Rental, says: “JTC is moving into the next phase of its development. We are focusing on our core strengths and developing strategic partnerships with key accounts seeking high service levels. Clients today are not simply looking for a generator, rather uninterrupted power supply with responsive and reliable service support to ensure operational continuity. This why we focus on delivery of value through first-rate service levels employing highly qualified and extremely well trained service engineers. Our target is, and will always, remain zero downtime for our equipment.”

JTC’s power portfolio includes an extensive range of generators from 100kva to 1,250kva, complemented with the good quality ancillary equipment including transformers, synchronisation panels, cabling, DB panels all combining to provide multi megawatt package solutions. JTC can now offer 25+ MW solutions. We are investing in obtaining more assets to offer larger power solutions. This, in turn, makes JTC one of the leading power solution companies presently in the GCC.

Andreas Mohr, CEO of JTC, says: “JTC’s 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sector has contributed to the latest contract award. Oil and Gas is the backbone of the Kuwait economy and we will continue our focus on this industry to emerge as the leader in the Power Rental sector for the Kuwait oilfields.” Mohr adds that reliability of equipment and service are the key in oil-well related applications as state-of-the-art mobile generators improve the output of many wells in Kuwait.

Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Rubaie, a member of JTC’s Steering Committee representing Global Investment House has praised the agreement and confirmed that this is a result of JTC’s specialisation and the firm’s focus on delivering world-class solutions to the leading players in the industry. Al-Rubaie says: “We are proud to continue growing our relationship with world-leading clients, and look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.” Al-Rubaie has also emphasised the importance of relying on Kuwaiti firms in the growth of Kuwait and its oil sector, due to their reliability, approachability, and world-class expertise.


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