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Kempen European Private Equity Fund II raises over EUR173m at first closing

Kempen Capital Management’s (Kempen) new private equity fund, the Kempen European Private Equity Fund II, has raised over EUR173 million at its first closing. The fund is focused on small and lower mid-market private equity buy-outs in Europe.

Sven Smeets, Managing Director of the Private Markets team, says: “We are pleased that our clients have shown strong interest in this fund. Van Lanschot Kempen’s clients increasingly want to invest in less liquid solutions. The Kempen European Private Equity Fund II makes this investment category more accessible for, among others, high net-worth private investors and family offices. The considerable interest shown by these client groups has therefore been translated into this successful first closing of the fund in a relatively short period of time.
“The private equity fund is available to clients of Van Lanschot Kempen. The first subscriptions to the fund come from both private investors and experienced private equity investors. They come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. We have also welcomed clients from our partnership with Mercier Vanderlinden.
“It is great to see that with this proposition we have not only been able to reach existing clients, but also new clients who allocated to Van Lanschot Kempen as an investor of choice for small-cap private equity strategies.
“We are proud to reach EUR173 million at the first closing, representing a large part of our overall target for the fund.”

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