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Legal tech provider Apperio expands into US market with focus on PE firms

UK-based legal technology provider Apperio – a specialist in automated legal spend tracking, management and analysis – is expanding its sales operation in the United States. 

Apperio’s sales team is actively pursuing in-house corporate legal department business in America, coast-to-coast. The company is initially targeting legal departments of both corporate enterprises with USD5 million or greater legal spend and private equity (PE) investment firms.

Apperio’s early US sales efforts have already brought success. Corporate legal departments of prominent PE firms on both coasts have recently purchased Apperio and are in various stages of implementation.

The Apperio legal spend management platform is specifically designed for companies’ in-house legal and finance teams. The solution helps clients to simultaneously manage multiple law firms and large projects, track day-to-day legal spend against budgets, improve the efficiency of their team and spend, and safeguard regulatory compliance.

Apperio’s technology uniquely connects directly to law firms’ practice management systems to provide a live view of all matters, including un-billed work-in-progress and invoiced matters. Unlike eBilling solutions, which only provide visibility of matters that have been invoiced and may have a lag of several months, Apperio provides instant visibility of both historic and un-billed legal spend data.

To date, Apperio has successfully implemented its platform for more than 50 in-house legal teams in the UK and several other European countries. Current Apperio clients include Finastra, a global financial services software company headquartered in the UK. Finastra has used Apperio since 2019.

“Apperio has been an essential resource for Finastra and we count on their technology to efficiently manage our legal spend,” says Simon Dowler, Finastra Group General Counsel. “Since we ourselves are a technology developer, we require a high standard of technology-driven efficiency and accountability from our suppliers. As such, we strive to avoid any areas of inefficiency or opacity from our outside counsel law firms. Apperio helps Finastra’s legal department to effectively manage multiple outside counsel law firms, and uphold compliance requirements. Importantly for us, the platform works seamlessly, posing no burden to our IT department.”

“The Apperio team is very excited to expand assertively into the American legal market,” says Nicholas d’Adhemar, CEO and founder of Apperio. “Our client base in the UK and other European countries are proof that Apperio is a highly useful collaborative solution for businesses and law firms. Apperio helps its clients to strengthen relationships with their law firms, ensuring they are receiving maximum value while also increasing their confidence in the legal team’s ability to accurately forecast spend and make informed strategic decisions.”

At present, Apperio is running US sales operations from its London headquarters.

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