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Maitland adopts ILPA reporting template

Maitland has enhanced its fund administration platform with the adoption of the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s (ILPA) reporting template.

Released in 2016, the ILPA reporting templates were designed to report and gather information in a standardised manner so the private equity industry can effectively measure and compare performance in areas including fees, expenses and carried interest.
As the private equity industry continues to grow, the ILPA templates provide investors with a higher level of transparency and consistency in reports. “
Maitland has been automating the entire waterfall through a system- generated platform. With the added certification, we are able to automate ILPA compliant reports providing faster delivery and higher assurance of accuracy to fund managers and LPs,” said Scott Price, Head of Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Services for Maitland.
“We commend Maitland for delivering an automated template solution – more specifically, their ability to continue to invest in technology to build solutions targeted to the private equity industry’s need for greater efficiency and transparency,” says Jennifer Choi, Managing Director of ILPA. “We welcome Maitland as an endorser as we move forward in our shared commitment to build a stronger global private equity ecosystem.”

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