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Mindful Capital Partners appoints ESG Officer

Mindful Capital Partners has appointed Claudia Lazzari as ESG Officer to strengthen the Luxembourg-based private equity fund manager’s ESG expertise.

Lazzari’s appointment further proves the emphasis that MCP has been placing over the years on sustainability, good governance and the social impact of its portfolio companies. This commitment is consistent with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, of which Mindful Capital Partners is a signatory since 2015. 
As ESG Officer, Lazzari will deliver continuous and diversified support throughout the whole investment cycle: from the pre-closing drafting of ESG due diligence and impact assessment on target investments, to the post-closing guidance to portfolio companies’ managers on structured plans to implement ESG best practices across their business.
Prior to this, Lazzari was an ESG & Sustainability Senior Associate at PwC’s Sustainability division.

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