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Moonfare doubles AUM to over €2bn

After less than five years, Moonfare has become one of the world’s leading digital private equity investing platforms, its AUM now totalling over €2 billion.

The Berlin-based FinTech is disrupting private market investing by opening access to leading private equity funds for qualified investors and their advisors at low minimums (starting at around $125.000). 

Moonfare’s rapid growth underlines the rising trend of “Private Equity goes Retail”. This phenomenon continues to gain momentum as investors are looking to alternative assets for portfolio diversification and to benefit from PE’s record returns. Fund managers too are looking to tap into the private capital pool of individual investors in order to diversify their revenue base.

Moonfare works with fund managers with strong, consistent track records and high-quality investment and operational teams. Moonfare’s investment team conducts ground-up due diligence on all funds. Out of over 200 funds screened on a yearly basis fewer than 5% of available funds pass this process and make it onto the Moonfare platform. 

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