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New BCG-backed VC firm B Capital Group launches

B Capital Group, a digital technology investment firm that invests in pioneering healthcare, financial services & insurance, industrial, and consumer enablement companies, has closed its inaugural fund B Capital Fund, at USD360 million, substantially exceeding the original target.

Through its sponsorship from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), B Capital Group aims to partner with new companies to build and scale sustainable businesses. Ropes & Gray provided legal counsel in connection with the fundraise.
“We continue to strive to be a launch pad for entrepreneurs across a wide range of verticals and seek to provide our portfolio companies with the necessary resources and access to some of the most important business leaders,” says Eduardo Saverin, Co-Founder & Partner at B Capital Group in Singapore. “We are committed to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs deliver transformative technology to the world and are strategically positioned to disrupt the realm of venture investing.”
“It is inspiring to be backed by investors who recognise that our combined extensive experience as entrepreneurs and business creators provides a unique and valuable perspective as to how we support and provide capital to our portfolio companies,” says Raj Ganguly, Co-Founder & Partner at B Capital Group in Los Angeles. “Our first-hand experience building and scaling enduring businesses has allowed us to bridge an important gap connecting entrepreneurs in need of resources to scale their businesses with corporations seeking to innovate and leverage emerging technologies.”
With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Singapore, B Capital Group is blazing a new trail to identify transformative companies and technologies around the globe that have the power to revolutionise large industries, and change people’s lives. Since the fund’s launch, B Capital has seamlessly supported a diverse set of portfolio companies including AImotive,, Capital Match, CXA, Evidation Health, Icertis, INTURN, Lanetix, Mswipe, Ninja Van and SilverCloud Health.
“It’s exciting to see how BCG’s strategic partnership with B Capital Group continues to provide unparalleled connectivity between the world’s leading corporations and innovative start-ups seeking to transform major industries,” says Rich Lesser, President & CEO of Boston Consulting Group.
“Transitioning from advisor to Chairman and witnessing B Capital Group’s successes since the firm’s inception has been a highly rewarding experience,” said Howard Morgan, Chairman of B Capital Group. “One of the biggest complaints about venture capital firms is that they lack the proper structure and resources to connect startups with corporations. B Capital Group has flawlessly solved this problem and redefined the traditional venture capital model to connect the technology of tomorrow with the business of today.”

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