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New junior branch of EIS Association launches

Green Shoots, the junior branch of the EIS Association (‘EISA’) has launched aimed at celebrating and supporting young professionals working with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and in the alternative investment industry. 

The EISA was established to support and represent organisations working with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed EIS (SEIS). GreenShoots aims to create a separate space for young professionals in this industry, giving them a voice and an opportunity to develop their own networks, interest and knowledge of the world of EIS/SEIS and alternative investments.

As well as holding regular networking events, Green Shoots will run bi-annual technical seminars, to encourage members to come forward and share skills and knowledge. There will also be an emphasis on reaching out to the entrepreneurial community, with the aim of building relationships with early stage companies, opening dialogue about EIS and SEIS and the role these schemes can play in early-stage investment.

Green Shoots is run by a committee of three: Sarah Abrahams, Grant Thornton UK LLP; Fuchsia Curry, AngelNews; and Natasha Head, RW Blears LLP.

Natasha Head of Green Shoots says: “The EISA provides a fantastic space for professionals across the early stage alternative investment industry to come together and act as a single voice, and this has been our inspiration for Green Shoots.”

“As the early stage company space evolves, so must the investment industry. With this in mind, we are excited to be launching Green Shoots, offering a new way for young professionals to connect with and support their trade body, build their own networks and learn from one another.”

Sarah Wadham, Director General of the EISA, says: “This is a fantastic initiative from Sarah, Fuchsia and Natasha. We all appreciate the value of building a professional network, and Green Shoots is a great way of encouraging younger professionals to do this, whilst also learning – and hopefully having fun as well.”

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