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Novak Djokovic and Billie Jean King invest in USD3.5m PlaySight Series B funding

PlaySight Interactive has completed a USD3.5 million investment round from high-profile private investors including Novak Djokovic, Billie-Jean King and Wall Street legend Bill Ackman alongside D5 Capital. 

The new capital will fund a global roll-out of PlaySight’s SmartCourt technology for recreational and elite tennis, as well as research and development on applications in other popular sports beyond tennis.
“We are very proud to have such a powerful group of investors who share our vision of bringing elite player technology to the grassroots and club level,” says Chen Shachar, PlaySight CEO. “When we developed this technology we saw an opportunity to create an affordable, easy-to-install, cloud-based system for athletes of all levels to improve their game. In the same way that wearable tech devices and micro-cameras are transforming running and extreme sports, we are certain that SmartCourts will make tennis more engaging and fun. PlaySight combines advanced player analytics technology (PAT) with video-replay and social media to deliver an exceptional experience to the world’s 100 million tennis players. It will change the way we play ball-sports forever.”  
“PlaySight is the first mass-market technology for tennis clubs and colleges, bringing the same sophisticated analytics available at the highest levels sports at an affordable price point,” says Rupert Ashe, CEO of early stage investment group, D5 Capital.  “PlaySight makes the game more fun and appealing to new and casual players while providing an incredibly valuable training tool for the more frequent player.”

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