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Omnes Capital and Partech Ventures support launch of online health advice site

MesDocteurs has completed an initial EUR1.2 million funding round with Omnes Capital, Partech Ventures and a business angel from the insurance world.

MesDocteurs is a start-up founded in 2015 by Chloé Ramade, Séverine Grégoire and Nicolas Orofino, the founders of Monshowroom, which was supported from its beginnings by Omnes Capital and sold in 2014 to Groupe Casino.
MesDocteurs is a paying service that provides accurate and specific health advice and information. If necessary, it refers the user to a healthcare professional or, in the case of obvious emergency, to a "Centre 15" emergency call centre or the nearest hospital. is based on a simple promise: it enables users to ask a doctor a question anonymously or to talk to a doctor online via its website or mobile app.
After an initial four-month beta-testing phase, the site has had promising results with more than 1,000 questions handled by more than 60 partner doctors.
Séverine Grégoire, co-founder of, says: "At present there is no alternative between the emergency services and your GP. We are not trying to replace either of these. Our aim is to provide users with a solution to stop them from self-diagnosing on the web and self-medicating, which can have serious consequences for their health."
François-Xavier Dedde, Tech Principal at Omnes Capital, says: "This investment illustrates our strategy of supporting serial entrepreneurs with whom we have worked successfully in the past. The deal represents a further investment in the health & digital sector, where our expertise in both Life Sciences and IT will be genuine strengths in supporting in its development plans."
Romain Lavault, General Partner at Partech Ventures, says: "Following our investments in Klara in Germany and Push Doctor in the United Kingdom, we are proud to support the experienced MesDocteurs team, whose approach is particularly suited to the French market. When faced with a distressing health issue, most patients or their families do not have access to immediate and reliable personal input from a specialist. MesDocteurs meets this universal need through its mobile app and website, where patients and doctors can talk together confidentially and anonymously either before or in parallel with a traditional medical approach."

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