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Omnes Capital launches FCPI fund

Omnes Capital has launched a new FPCI (Fonds Commun de Placement dans l’Innovation) mutual fund investing in innovative companies – Capital Invest PME 2017.

The fund will allow individuals to benefit from tax advantages provided for by the French TEPA law in respect of ISF wealth tax (impôt de solidarité sur la fortune) and income tax, while also benefiting from the growth potential of French and European SMEs.
A total of 80 per cent of the Capital Invest PME 2017 fund will be invested in French and European SMEs. The remaining 20 per cent will be invested in non-risky assets in order to provide the investment management flexibility needed and maintain optimum liquidity. This sum may be used as a reserve to make reinvestments in companies in the portfolio.
The 80 per cent quota will make it possible to offer investors an ISF wealth tax reduction of 40 per cent of sums invested.
With EUR640 million under management to date, over 30 business disposals and 10 successful IPOs carried out in 17 years, Omnes Capital’s Venture Capital team is one of the key players in France in financing innovative SMEs via the management of its FCPI funds.
Since it was created, Omnes Capital’s venture capital team has been involved in financing over 120 innovative SMEs in the technology and healthcare sectors (Blablacar, Scality, Novaled, BioVex, arGEN-X, Pixium, Sigfox).
The venture capital team invested in five new companies in 2016: AB Tasty (A/B testing and user experience personalisation solutions), Babbler (professional social media platform dedicated to media relations), Horama (gene therapy for the treatment of genetic ophthalmic diseases), Intersec (Fast Data software solutions), and Mes Docteurs (paid remote medical advice platform). Following a successful friendly takeover bid, it also sold Tronics (specialist in electro-mechanical microsystems) to TDK EPCOS.
“We are currently paying particular attention to breakthrough technologies regardless of their field of application (manufacturing or life sciences). France is one of the world’s leading areas for technological innovation, but our start-ups in this field suffer from a lack of financing. As demonstrated by our recent investment in Multix, market leader in spectroscopic x-ray imaging for airport security, we have solid expertise in the technology sector, allowing us to seize the best opportunities,” says Michel de Lempdes, managing partner at Omnes Capital.

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