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Pathstone launches new ESG measuring tool

Pathstone Federal Street has launched a new environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurement tool as part of its portfolio execution platform: P-Cubed (Pathstone Portfolio Platform).

P-Cubed provides the ability to hold diverse investments in a single account, at a lower cost and improved efficiency.
“We developed P-Cubed to provide clients with meaningful tax and expense efficiencies, but now it is much more than that,” says Mathew Fleissig (pictured), President of Pathstone. “Today, P-Cubed delivers the power to strategically customise and align a client’s portfolio with their goals in ways we believe were not possible before. This is a new and cutting edge tool for the industry.”
The impact scoring tool inside P-Cubed is based on public and proprietary datasets that rank companies around multiple ESG factors. Utilising these datasets and other disclosures, Pathstone has developed a proprietary ESG scoring methodology which accounts for equities, fixed income, hedge funds and private equity.
“The publicly available datasets are a good starting point for traditional equities. But we’ve figured out a way to track the entire universe of strategies – at the manager level,” says Mark Peters, Managing Director and Chair of Pathstone’s Impact Committee.
Pathstone’s ESG scoring extends beyond the portfolios of ESG managers, and encompasses managers that do not consciously integrate ESG. Pathstone will use ESG scores of underlying companies, combined with the weight of such companies, to create an average ESG score. This score will be available as part of the P-Cubed reporting system. 
“The vast benefits offered by P-Cubed are indicative of Pathstone’s innovative culture,” says Steve Braverman, co-CEO of Pathstone.  “Innovative investment solutions coupled with traditional family office advice set the stage for our clients’ generational success during an era of constant change.”

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