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PE-Nexus facilitates debt financing of HomeTown Oxygen by Enhanced Capital

PE-Nexus, the private market network for deal flow exchange between middle-market M&A professionals, facilitated a USD4m senior secured debt financing of HomeTown Oxygen by New York City-based Enhanced Capital Partners through its SBIC fund, Enhanced Small Business Investment Company (ESBIC). 

Sell-side representation to HomeTown Oxygen was provided by the Charlotte office of Atlanta, GA-based Summit Acquisitions Group. 

The PE-Nexus platform connected the two via its sweeping Buy-Side Mandate functionality, a communication tool that broadcasts specific acquisition criteria to the entire PE-Nexus ecosystem in seconds.

"We’re delighted to learn about another success story brought about by our Buy-Side Mandate tool. To the best of our knowledge, it’s still the fastest way to clearly communicate highly-targeted investment criteria to a broad audience of qualified advisory firms, instantly," says Tony Hill (pictured), PE-Nexus chief executive and co-founder. "We’re also pleased that it was a debt deal, which showcases our members’ growing adoption of PE-Nexus as an avenue for seeking and sourcing debt placement opportunities."

"PE-Nexus has proven instrumental in meeting new intermediaries and finding this specific deal opportunity," says Jonah Glick, vice president at Enhanced Capital. "Prior to PE-Nexus, we had never met or heard of Summit Acquisitions Group. However, shortly after making our needs known via a Buy-Side Mandate, we were approached by Summit about a specific financing need for their client, HomeTown Oxygen, and within a few months we were able to fund and close the deal.”

"Summit Acquisitions group has been an active member of PE-Nexus for one year. Over that period, we have marketed numerous deals through their platform and found it to be an invaluable supplement to our own internal marketing efforts," says Tom MacPherson, principal at Summit Acquisitions Group. "Time and again, we are impressed with the speed and quality of interest our sale mandates receive from strategic and financial suitors around the country. PE-Nexus is an indispensable component of our go-to market strategy with new deals."

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