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Private equity interest in retail remains high despite mixed holiday outlook

Now deep into the holiday season, some observers are cautiously optimistic towards the outlook for the retail sector, while others are outright sceptical. At the same time, the private equity community remains interested in retail, believing that the sector can offer the opportunity to achieve scalable growth.

These are some of the observations shared by Burt Feinberg, President, CIT Commercial & Industrial Finance, a division of CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading provider of commercial lending and leasing services, in “CIT Executive Insights: Commercial & Industrial – Retail Expectations”, the latest piece of market intelligence in the CIT Executive Insights video series.
“Listen closely and you’ll hear mixed messages from financial analysts and in the media regarding retail,” says Feinberg. “Despite all this skepticism and potential volatility, the private equity community likes retail. Why? They believe that the right concept can scale quickly. Through the right combination of investment in e-commerce and digital platforms, plus the expansion of the store footprint, revenues can grow dramatically.”

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