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Sign up to our free newsletter launches Global Provider Program, Israel’s first online secondary market trading arena, has launched its Global Provider Program, aimed at helping mature private, pre-IPO high-tech companies in receiving investments from both private and institutional investors in their region through a local secondary market web trading platform. is working to establish partnerships with financial institutions such as stock exchanges, investment banks and large banks in mature hi tech markets over the world.
The secondary market platforms will be constructed by and will be jointly managed in a partnership model by and a significant financial institution in each local market.
The secondary arenas will be delivered by as fully secured customised turn-key platforms, compatible with the relevant local regulations and ready for deployment in the targeted territory. The platforms are supported by state of the art fintech technologies and are prepared for the use of blockchain technology. will provide the financial institution with technological know-how, innovative business methodology, work processes and best practices for launching and running an effective private equity secondary market arena. The financial institution will lead the marketing and business development efforts of the local secondary web arena, with the assistance of
"We strive to make the secondary market more accessible by applying global partnership programs in relevant markets," says Sigalit Cohen, CEO. "An impressive example for this capability is Israel, a global online platform that introduces potential investors with the securities of pre-IPO private high tech companies. These securities are held by employees, former employees, company founders and service providers." Israel features registered investors from America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and presents shares held by employees of tens of leading pre-IPO companies, including IronSource, Gett (formerly GetTaxi), Outbrain, mySupermarket, Kenshoo, Docusign, Bigcommerce, DoubleVerify, LiveU and Websplanet.
"A growing number of the top hi tech companies remain private for longer periods of time and raise more money from private investors and other sources beyond VCs and angel investors," says Cohen. "Through our localised platforms, private and institutional investors will gain access to a pre-selected range of the most promising mature private hi tech companies in their country before their value grows and before their IPO. As a result, local economies will be able to improve the ability to finance innovation and to build successful and sustainable high-tech companies."

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