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PSG invests USD40 million in Lusha

Lusha, a crowdsourced data community for B2B salespeople, has raised USD40 million in a Series A funding round from growth equity firm PSG. 

The funding will allow Lusha – which has enjoyed substantial organic growth as a bootstrapped startup – to further grow its sales community to make accurate data accessible to all B2B sales professionals through simple and cutting-edge sales technology.
Lusha’s cloud-based platform enables salespeople to share accurate contact and company information with each other, providing sales professionals with vital insights on the customers they target. Lusha also recommends relevant prospects and organisations, eliminating cumbersome research and allowing salespeople to focus on what they do best – sell. The community facilitates salespeople sharing contact information and company insights, which validates Lusha’s data and ensures high accuracy. The company’s community approach and affordability also ensure that salespeople from organisations of all sizes have access to the data they need to optimise their sales outreach. 
“Our mission is to turn salespeople’s business challenges into opportunities by making B2B data easily accessible to all sales professionals,” says Yoni Tserruya, Co-Founder & CEO of Lusha. “Today, sales professionals only spend a fraction of their time actually selling due to limited access to data and the need for research. Our community approach is changing this reality, equipping salespeople with the information they need to reach the right person and know when to prioritise outreach. Even in a time of great uncertainty, with many working from home due to Covid-19, we are hearing from salespeople who are part of the Lusha community that they are having some of the best sales months of their careers. It is clear Lusha has become a vital part of the salesperson’s toolkit.”
“Lusha’s core contact information database is one of the most comprehensive and accurate in the industry and solves a critical pain point in the B2B lead generation workflow, particularly in the remote work environment,” says Adam Marcus, Managing Director at PSG. “In a short period of time, Lusha’s talented team has set the company on an impressive trajectory with a highly capital-efficient business model, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to support their continued growth and innovation.”
“In an industry dominated by lengthy sales cycles, organisational buy-in and yearly contracts costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, Lusha’s unique approach offers salespeople a much-needed alternative,” says Assaf Eisenstein, Co-Founder & CFO of Lusha. “Salespeople need instant results and access to affordable data. Lusha’s simplicity and variety of packages allow them to instantly use Lusha – without the need for company approval or significant investment. We are excited to use the funds raised to further develop technology that makes data available for all salespeople and to take a step closer to our goal of turning Lusha into B2Bs largest data-sharing community.” 

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