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R Capital Management becomes Keensight Capital

R Capital Management, a subsidiary of the Rothschild group, is becoming independent under the name Keensight Capital.

The Keensight Capital team, led by Jean-Michel Beghin, Jérôme Pujol and Pierre Rémy, will execute the same strategy it has pursued over the past ten years and will continue helping entrepreneurs to implement their growth strategies.
Since its creation 15 years ago, the team has invested in 35 companies and carried out 25 exits.
Keensight Capital’s team works closely with managers on the development and execution of their growth strategies. The team is particularly well-recognised for its knowledge in the following sectors: internet/media, information technology, healthcare, energy and services. Keensight Capital’s team targets fast-growing profitable companies all over Europe that generate between EUR10m and EUR150m of revenue.
The team can take either minority or majority shareholder positions, with or without leverage, with a flexible approach adapted to the needs of each company, in order to finance organic growth projects, acquisition strategies or to offer liquidity to current shareholders.
Beghin says: “Our main goal has always been to support entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business growth by providing them with significant flexibility in the way they carry out their projects. Our decision to become fully independent is consistent with our entrepreneurial culture. We are very happy that our investors have decided to follow us in this transition, with first and foremost the Rothschild group, whom we thank. Our team has access to a wide international network of managers and is well-positioned to take up the very best opportunities in fast growing European companies.”

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