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Redwheel partners with Turquoise to launch UK climate tech VC fund 

Redwheel, an independent investment manager specialising in active equities and convertible bonds, has partnered with Turquoise, a UK financial advisor and investor in climate technologies, to launch a growth-stage UK climate tech venture fund. 

According to a press release, the new fund will focus on easing a growth capital shortage for UK companies with technology or services that address environmental challenges and promote sustainability, with the goal of delivering measurable impact. The strategy will centre on energy, transport and mobility, and resource efficiency.

In a statement, Tord Stallvik, CEO of Redwheel, said: “We anticipate that the global transition towards a more sustainable future will yield attractive investment opportunities for decades to come. This partnership and extension into the private sphere is a natural progression from the launch of the Redwheel Clean Economy strategy in 2023, capitalising on the opportunity in public markets.”

Ali Naini, Managing Director at Turquoise, added: “The partnership with Redwheel allows us to combine its access to institutional capital with our access to corporate investors to create a fund that is willing to lead investments and help take companies to the next stage.”

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