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Regev Group joins DFPG Investments

Nir Regev’s Regev Group, which is based in Missouri, has joined DFPG Investments, a national independent broker-dealer and RIA.

"We are very pleased that Nir identified the fit with our firm," says DFPG's CEO, Mike Bendix. "Nir brings a lot of value to DFPG, not the least of which is his stellar reputation and respect from so many industry peers and partners." 

Nir Regev (pictured) says: "Part of the draw to DFPG was the established expertise they provide relating to alternative products, which I consider important to my practice. But the tipping point for me was DFPG's people. I recognised very quickly that this was a firm that would align well with many of the intangibles that are important to me in the rep/BD relationship." 

In addition to acting as DFPG's CEO, Bendix is also currently the president of the Alternatives & Direct Investment Securities Association, which is the nation's largest alternatives investments association. 

"Our industry has experienced a lot of angst and shifts in recent months," says Bendix. "Whether at the regulatory level or the advisor level, things are changing and people are looking for solutions." The DI Wire [link to article] recently interviewed Bendix about his rare industry perspective. Bendix is a producing rep, the owner of a dually registered broker dealer, and the president of a national association. 

Bendix says: "Despite everything that is happening, DFPG holds strong to the position that some things will never change. We believe that financial advisors and investment advisors will always want access to best-in-class and unique product offerings, and they will always seek culture and values with which they can align. At DFPG, we have chosen to compete on the basis of these two core ideals." 

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