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Riverside acquires CenterChem

The Riverside Company has acquired the US food ingredients distribution business of Centerchem, a distributor of Capol products.

Based in Elmshorn, Germany, Capol is a Riverside platform company that develops and manufactures polishing, anti-sticking and release agents used for confectionary applications.

The new US operation, Capol LLC, is based in Northbrook, Illinois.
Capol sells to clients in more than 60 nations.
“Acquiring this business unit provides Capol with direct access to a large blue-chip customer base in the crucial North American market,” says Riverside principal Dominik Heer. “This add-on acquisition will drive growth and improve both top line and bottom line results for Capol, while allowing the company to better penetrate the world’s largest confectionary market.”
“The people of Capol thank Centerchem for their 30 years of dedication in building this business to what it is today. From that solid foundation, we look for continued advancement of our client service and product development for the important North American market,” says Matthias Seemann, chief executive of Capol GmbH.
This transaction is Riverside’s 18th acquisition of 2012.

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