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Riverside boosts education and training specialisation

Private equity firm The Riverside Company has hired Robert Bowen to help the firm identify and grow investments in the education and training industry.


Bowen comes to Riverside with more than 40 years of experience, currently as chairman of the board at Scientific Learning after serving as chief executive there.

Bowen will work closely with Riverside’s global education and training team as senior adviser, helping to identify investment opportunities as well as providing support to existing investments in the sector.

“Bob is an education and training guru,” says Riverside co-chief executive Stewart Kohl. “Overnight, Riverside adds four decades of experience, wisdom, scars and relationships. Bob has run and grown large businesses and completed acquisitions with great success, but also started as a high school maths teacher, coach and counsellor. We are excited about Bob joining our dedicated finance and origination specialists as we build on a successful track record of 20 training and education investments. He significantly enhances our already strong intellectual and relationship resources, which complements our considerable financial capital.”

In addition to his work at Scientific Learning, Bowen has served as president of National Computer System Education, an early technology-based business. After Pearson purchased NCS, Bowen stayed on and led Pearson’s K-12 internet strategy.

“I was drawn to Riverside by several factors,” says Bowen. “Their global and broad focus is exciting, but I was also struck by the culture when I went to their recent annual investors conference. A lot of firms talk about values and a commitment to professional development, but it was clear from watching Riversiders interact, and having extensive discussions with them, that this is a company that lives and breathes its brand values. I can’t wait to get started.”

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