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Riverside supplements growth with Euromed acquisition

The Riverside Company has acquired Euromed, a provider of standardised herbal extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries.

Euromed is a corporate carve-out from Meda, a Swedish pharmaceutical company. Based in Barcelona, Euromed processes more than 4,000 tons of raw materials every year to produce approximately 600 tons of high-quality extract to meet the needs of more than 350 customers in 35 countries worldwide.

“Euromed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements and meets the high standards to merit full certification by the US Food and Drug Administration and Korean FDA, EU GMP guidelines, and other globally recognised high quality certifications,” says Riverside Partner Karsten Langer. “It’s a worldwide leader in its top four product categories, and has unique capability to provide custom solutions for clients. We’re excited about its next growth chapter.”

Riverside has extensive experience in its Healthcare Specialisation, having completed 85 deals in the space, including supplement and pharmaceutical companies. Riverside plans to drive growth by boosting production, improving operations and continuing to invest in research and development. Euromed serves a variety of international customers and will benefit from Riverside’s global reach and resources to expand overseas, especially in the US and Asia, where the dietary supplements market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

“Euromed presents an exciting opportunity in a field with high entry barriers and significant growth avenues, where Riverside has enjoyed success,” says Riverside Principal Rafael Álvarez-Novoa. “We look forward to partnering with the company to enhance its capabilities and results.”

Working on the transaction with Langer and Álvarez-Novoa for Riverside were Vice President Damien Gaudin, Associate Hidde Van Kerckhoven and Research Analyst Philippe Niessen. Álvarez-Novoa also sourced the deal for Riverside.

Financing for the transaction was provided by European Capital. Fidentiis, Uria and Deloitte advised Riverside on the investment

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